Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Not too long ago I saw Star Wars The Force Awakens on a DVD. Basically it's a politically correct rehash of the original Star Wars and it really, really should have been different. And the GCI special effects are totally over the top, at some points they look like Disney cartoons. And the First Order should have been portrayed more subtly, not like some cartoon version of Nazi Germany. This was the only Star Wars flick that left me with a bitter taste in my mouth when I finished watching it, and I've seen them all, including Star Wars the Phantom Menace... and that one was a total ripoff.

Here's a half-hour video with a lot of criticisms of the film.

And here's a second criticism - a 5-hour long compilation of many critics panning the film as the worst Star Wars film ever.

Disney should have taken these criticisms into account when doing Star Wars The Last Jedi, coming out this Christmas. Instead, they're adding some of their own "imagineering" to it: when Rey goes into a cave, she sees Yoda appear to her as a spirit... only this time, he brings a lot of the Disney trademark magic spheres with him. Looks like I'll be staying away from the cinema for this one!

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